How to Watch CFL Live Stream Online

How to watch CFL live stream online

In Canada, all regular season and playoff games are televised and cfl live stream on TSN through the 2021 season. Check the schedules page for complete and team schedules with the knowledge that all games are televised on the TSN network in Canada subject to local blackouts.

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cfl live streaming The 2017 schedule shows all regular season games on the full TSN network. In 2016, all games but three were carried on TSN1 (plus additional TSN channels), the exceptions being two games broadcast on TSN3/4/5 and one game on TSN2 only.

TSN is slated to broadcast four pre-season games in 2017, one on TSN3/4/5, two on the full network and one on TSN2. In 2016, TSN carried four and RDS two pre-season games.

For French language coverage, RDS carries all Montreal Alouette games and RDS/RDS2 carries select Ottawa RedBlack games as well as other CFL games each season. TSN/RDS have signed a 5-year agreement in 2013 (plus 3 year extension signed in 2015) to be the exclusive broadcaster of the CFL through the 2021 season.

In June 2017, ESPN announced 13 games for broadcast on ESPN2/ESPNNews through August.

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CFL Live StreamESPN announced it would carry 20 games on ESPN broadcast networks in 2016, starting with the first game of the season June 23rd and ending with the 104th Grey Cup Championship in November. ESPN signed a 5-year broadcast deal to carry CFL games for 5 years starting in 2014. All CFL games are carried on ESPN3 and select games (minimum 17 games/season) on ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNNews. For the CFL broadcast schedule in the US and other International locations, please see the CFL‘s website with the scheduled broadcasts usually announced in late June or early July or check the ESPN TV listings.

Determining whether a game will be available either by broadcast or streaming is fairly simple. If TSN is broadcasting the game, it is available on TSN broadcast channels in Canada and streamed on and ESPN3. For French language broadcasts, all Montreal Alouette and select Ottawa RedBlack and other CFL contests are available on RDS/RDS2 and streamed on Select regular season, playoff and the Grey Cup game are broadcast on ESPN networks. For other non-TSN broadcast pre-season games, other parties may decide to stream the game. If this does not occur, the game is not available to view or stream anywhere.

This handy chart summarizes the availability of CFL live Stream games each year.

Season TSN 1 TSN.ca2 ESPN Networks3 ESPN34 International5 Other streaming6
Pre-Season Select games Select games None TSN Selected games None Individual games
Regular Season All games All games Select games All games Select games N/A
Playoffs All games All games Select games All games TBD N/A
Grey Cup Yes Yes Yes Yes TBD N/A

1 — TSN is the Canadian broadcast rights holder for the CFL. They broadcast all regular season, playoff and the Grey Cup championship game, along with select pre-season games.

2 — is the Canadian Internet streaming rights holder for the CFL. All games broadcast on TSN networks are available for streaming on to qualified individuals.

3 — ESPN Networks is the US broadcast rights holder for the CFL. They broadcast select regular season, playoff and the Grey Cup championship game.

4 — ESPN3 is the US Internet Streaming rights holder for the CFL. They broadcast all regular season, playoff and the Grey Cup championship game, along with select pre-season games. As they carry the TSN feed, the same games available on TSN/ are available on ESPN3.

5 — International broadcast rights holders for the CFL broadcast the TSN feed for select regular season games. Games are broadcast in a mixture of live and tape delay availability.

6 — Pre-season games which are not broadcast by TSN may be acquired for streaming by others, such as the home team, for streaming via their exclusive access web sites. Broadcasts of such games, while they occurred in the past, are not likely to occur as streaming is more economical.

CFL Live Streaming a game that is not broadcast is expensive and requires a substantial amount of skilled persons. Camera operators, producers, directors, and other technical personnel are required along with the on-air broadcast team. Absence of any of these will be noticeable. Streaming pre-season contests currently does not draw large enough audiences to make this a break-even proposition, and draws away from in-stadium attendance which is lacking in the pre-season (10 year average pre-season -17% over regular season and -10% difference in percentage of capacity).